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Public Engagement

Transparent, open, and ongoing public engagement is a critical component of the NYF planning process. Public engagement will occur throughout the entire NYF planning process to ensure that the community is informed and empowered to contribute ideas, identify challenges and opportunities, provide feedback on potential projects, and help to shape the future of downtown. Notices of public meetings, events, and other opportunities to be involved in the process will be posted on this website and publicized through the Village’s resources and various media channels. All are encouraged to check back regularly for updates on the process as it progresses.

The NYF program employs an innovative “plan-then-act” strategy that couples strategic planning with immediate implementation. Communities are paired with a consultant team and a project manager from the DOS who will guide them through a targeted, community-based planning process focused on the development of a Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP will build upon the community's NYF application, including the preliminary community vision for revitalization and the proposed project list. The planning process will refine the vision, develop actionable goals and strategies, and identify a suite of complementary and transformative projects to help the community achieve its vision for downtown revitalization.

Plan Then Act!

Identification and Development of Priority Projects

Projects will be identified through a variety of means during the NYF process, such as through an open call for projects, which will be announced and publicized during the process. Projects identified and submitted during this process should be oriented toward achieving the community’s vision and goals for the future. The LPC, along with state and local partners and consultants, will work to develop and refine these proposed projects, with the goal of prioritizing investments toward key projects that can have positive catalytic and transformative impacts on the community.

Development of a Community Vision, Goals, and Revitalization Strategies

It is important for visions and goals to be set in preparation for the revitalization of the area. These will be a used as a baseline for the project but will be revised as seen fit throughout the process. Below is the vision statement that was submitted with Hoosick Falls' original NY Forward application:

"Hoosick Falls is a New York gem offering its community and visitors beautiful, accessible waterways that provide a significant opportunity for development and transformation from a community hampered by water issues into a community that thrives on its water presence. It likewise offers stately historic buildings alive with fresh local food, drink, boutique shopping, music offerings and entertainment, art, modern, sustainably-minded living spaces, and recreation for all ages.


Hoosick Falls’ vibrancy stems from its blended community of long-time residents and new investors who share an industrious, entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to sustainability, diversity of all forms, and above all, progress "

Development of the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP)

The goals of Hoosick Falls NY Forward will be reflected in the SIP that is prepared by the consultant team. The SIP will describe the unique challenges and opportunities for revitalization of the Hoosick Falls NY Forward area, present the community’s vision for the future of the area, and propose transformative projects that may be realized with an investment of NYF funds. 


Projects from the NY Forward Strategic Investment Plan will be selected for funding, and the Governor will make an announcement regarding funded projects. State staff will work with project sponsors to execute project agreements and manage contracts to project completion.

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